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Your 24-hour Private Yoga Studio

Brand new CrossLab at Kowloon Bay is a yoga studio rental space focused on the development of Web 3.0 arts and sports.. It is close to the Telford Plaza & large private housing estates . There are three different featured yoga studios, Studio L.A (750 sq.ft.), Studio Tokyo (550 sq.ft.) & Studio London (300 sq.ft.) respectively, 13 high-grade non-slip PU yoga mats, 26 yoga bricks, 15-inch performance-grade PA System, relaxing common area & independent washroom and changing rooms etc.

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Small to Medium Sized Yoga Studios

Studio L.A (750 sq.ft.), Studio Tokyo (550 sq.ft.) & Studio London (300 sq.ft.) respectively equipped with artistic HD full length mirrors

Performance-Grade PA System

15-inch concert-grade dual speakers, to listen to the details of music clearly, and be intoxicated with the music environment

Advanced Yoga Floor Mat

Well anti-slip design, effectively improve the safety of training. High density & flexible layers, more comfortable to feet.

Interactive Common Area

Widen Common Area design, strengthen communication and interaction between artists and dancers, and stimulate creativity

CrossLab Yoga Mat

Advanced PU Yoga Mat for Safety of Practice

CrossLab understands that "yoga mat" is an indispensable tool in yoga training. Therefore, the yoga mat we provide you with has the following 3 advantages:



The yoga mat is made of high-grade PU material, which is extremely anti-slip, which prevents the user from reducing the stability of the hands and feet due to sweat. It is especially suitable for dynamic ashtanga yoga, flow yoga, and hot yoga.


Stable Grip

The bottom of the yoga mat is made of natural rubber, which is highly stable . During yoga teaching and training, the edge is not easy to flip, and it is much safer when performing different asanas.


Posture Line

The middle line and posture line are specially carved on the yoga mat. It is not only help you to find the right body position, but also visualize and allow you to compare the progress before and after the yoga practice

Professional PA System

15-inch Concert-Grade Dual Speakers

Different from the ordinary Bluetooth speakers provided by general yoga studio, the PA System provided by CrossLab is performance-grade and allows you to enjoy the advanced listening experience of loopback stereo

At the same time, the artistic HD full length mirrors are well-equipped in the yoga studio which bring you to the next level of yoga training

The Thoughtful Amenities Make You Enjoyable!

High-Speed WIFI Network

Wanna listen to music, share videos, watch YouTube and Netflix, or play online games? CrossLab offering high speed Internet supporting Wi-Fi 6 for free , whether uploading or downloading is unimpeded!

Advanced PU Yoga mat & Block

Whether it is a personal yoga practice, or a group of yoga class, CrossLab has prepared the best yoga equipment and cleaning supplies for you, making it easier to practice and class from now on!

Relaxing Common Area

Wanna take a break before and after practice? There is a relaxing common area in CrossLab with comfortable retro sofa & stylish simple bar chair, let you recharge yourself quickly

Yoga Mat Set Is Ready Before Class

Yoga mat & yoga bricks will be clean and disinfect regularly for you, making you more at ease when using

Yoga Mat Set

Yoga Mat + Yoga Brick
$ 10 Set
  • Yoga Mat x 1
  • Yoga Brick x 2
  • Enjoy as much as you like during the rental period

Free Access to 6 amenities with one rental rate

Artistic HD Full Length Mirror

Performance-Grade PA system

Cool & Warm lighting system

High-Speed WIFI Network

Relaxing Common Area

Washroom & Changing Room

Create Your Own Brand

Build Your Brand and Let your clients impressed

Whether it is a high-quality PU non-slip yoga mat or elegant and durable yoga bricks, do you want to make yoga products belonging to your brand to help customers impress your yoga class?

As long as you used the rental service of CrossLab, we can assist you in customizing your yoga class products, and can deliver your yoga class products to CrossLab according to the date and time you specify, so that you and your clients can be at any time Start yoga class!

So Close!
3 mins Walks from Kowloon Bay Station

Yeung Yiu Chung (No. 8) Industrial Building, No. 20 Wang Hoi Road, Kowloon Bay


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