Terms of Use & Responsibilities

In order to protect the rights and interests of you and other clients in using the venue, we have established the following terms of use and responsibilities:


  1. Once the booking is confirmed, no refund will be made
  2. If clients needs to reschedule the booking, please inform the staff at least 7 days in advance. Each booking can only be changed once. If the new booking time slot is already occupied by other client, the paid rental fee can be kept and use it for next studio rental in the next 90 days.
  3. If shooting is necessary for commercial purposes (such as movies, commercials, MVs, etc.) at the venue, any time period will be calculated from 1.5 times of Peak Hour as the rental rate, and the minimum booking hours is three
  4. For the client who intend to hold catering or other party-related activities in the venue, extra cleaning fee of HKD$180 is required. For more details, please contact the staff.
  5. If typhoon signal No. 8 or above or a black rainstorm warning signal is hoisted 2 hours before the client's booking, clients can reschedule the booking within next 90 days in the future.
  6. If typhoon signal No. 8 or above or a black rainstorm warning signal is hoisted suddenly during the period of rental, CrossLab will count the rental fee as usual.

Use of Venue

  1. In order not to affect the clients who rent the venue before and after the venue, please arrive on time according to the confirmed rental period. CrossLab reserves the right to cancel the booking if the time exceeds 20 minutes, and the rental fee will not be refunded.
  2. There will be a charge 30 minute per session as the rental fee if clients overrun to use the venue more than 5 minutes.
  3. Eating is strictly prohibited within the scope of the mirror room. Please keep the venue clean. Please put your rubbish in the bin and remeber to take all your belongings with you before you leave the venue.
  4. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the venue. Violators will be charged a special cleaning fee of HKD $500.
  5. Fires, pets (but not guide dogs), dangerous goods, and gambling or indecent behavior are strictly prohibited in the venue.
  6. clients is not allowed to move or dismantle all fixed facilities in the venue without permission.
  7. Please cherish the facilities in the venue. During the rental period, clients shall compensate CrossLab for all losses if any facility is damaged, destroyed or lost.
  8. Please keep your personal belongings by yourself. CrossLab will not accept responsibility for the loss or damage to any personal belongings left unattended in the venue.
  9. CrossLab will not accept any responsibility for all activities carried out by clients in the venue. When clients confirmed the booking, clients acquiesce and agree that all their activities must comply with the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.
  10. CrossLab is not responsible for personal injury or property loss or damage caused by clients during activities in the venue. Clients are required to purchase appropriate insurance for related activities and be responsible for the safety of event participants.
  11. Clients are not allowed to place any items such as instructions, notices or any promotion materials in the venue without permission
  12. In order to ensure the safety of clients and the venue, there is CCTV recording in the venue, please pay attention to it.
  13. CrossLab reserves the right to modify and interpret all terms and responsibilities of the venue.